Okay, there is a definate pattern here with Friday posts! I will work on trying to update the other days as well. I am working on those lovely lace socks from the spring IK – I cast on and then took them out and re-cast on. This time looks much nicer – no mistakes in the lace pattern!! I am almost to the heel flap on sock 1 – so I am working on them! My SP and I are doing a KAL with these socks! I bet she is farther them me!! I am enjoying teaching classes – but I want to knit for me!!

Have any of you seen the scarves from the latest Rowan book – the ones knit with denim and then you add adornments with bleach – ?? We are all (the ladies from Lizzie Ann’s) knitting scarves right now – then we are having a “bleaching” party! We will all get together with our scarves and bleach them. They are going to be the window dressing for August! I have to have my scarf done after the 4th of July – and I only have about 3″ knit thus far! I really like how the denim is knitting up though – it feels so nice to knit with it.

We are taking off for the cottage starting next Friday – so I can sit in the sun with my daughter and knit!! (She will just be laying in the sun – I cannot seem to infect her with my enthusiasm for knitting!!)

Then – before I know it Lynne – http://iwasknittogetherinmymotherswomb.typepad.com/ – is coming to West Michigan and we are going to get together to knit!! I am so excited to meet her – I read her blog and she is such a great knitter, blogger, person – I am excited to spend some time knitting with her!

Well – I better get moving off to work – have a great weekend everyone!

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