Hello Everyone – I sure hope all the fireworks are over, poor Copper cannot take another night of loud noise. He has been living under the blankets of our bed since last Saturday. I have tried everything – music, radio, television – but none of it helps, he can still hear those dratted fireworks.

I woke up this morning to 48 degree weather, thoughts of ‘summer’s over’ have been circling my head ever since. I promise I shall boot those thoughts out, but as I am sitting here in my polar tec robe and my wool felted slippers, savoring HOT coffee – it is a little challenging to say the least.

Here is something exciting I found – not that I want SP8 to be over, I am having fun with being a spoilee and a spoiler, check out this link http://secretpal9.blogspot.com/ I for one, will be signing up again. Thanks to Polly, http://polliwannablog.blogspot.com/ for sharing that link on her site.

Hope you are all having a fabulous short week – I am working on my socks and have a pair of slippers to felt for Jenna at the lake – she is a 4 year old cutie who lives a couple of doors down from our cottage. My poor husband is back at work, but it is kind of nice to be hanging out with my kids – plus they don’t say “all you ever do is knit”! While it may be chilly, the sun is out and my agenda for the day is sunshine and knitting!

Catch you all later!

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