Good Morning Everyone! We were going to head back from our cottage last night, but we had some bad storms roll through. A nice line of them in our path home. So we headed out first thing this morning! And, at the door waiting for me when I arrived was a little box from my pal! It was PACKED full of wonderful things. I was so surprised to see such lovely things! I will post photos when my husband brings his camera home from work. Until then, I will give you all a description of the treasures I received!

First off – Thank you Secret Pal! You are the best!!!! I opened the box and began to pull out my gifts – first some awesome note cards with a lovely gal sporting a great green knitted cardigan! Next, a box of tea – and Aveda tea at that! Looks delicious! Next, a bag filled with GORGEOUS stitch markers – made from fresh water pearls! They are so beautiful! Next, (and by now I am thinking, WOW, what a pal!) I opened a red tissue wrapped bundle that held not one, but TWO balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, colorway Twig. It is so lovely! It feels so WONDERFUL! Next, I opened another red tissue wrapped bundle and inside I found a ball of Kaalund Silk. Oh my gosh, it feels so soft. 450 feet of softness, looks like I am going to be working on some lovely lace! The colorway is Brushfire – reds, purples, golds – wow. It has a great sheen also! Finally, in the last wrapped package, some Zitron incanto yarn – in a blue, green colorway. It is beautiful. A HUGE thank you to my secret pal – she is amazing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Hope you all have as great a pal as mine is. 🙂

PS to my pal – a written thank you is on it’s way to you. 🙂

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