What a battle!

I am trying to finish my scarf for my ISE Pal – but I was overcome by Socktoberfest yesterday! I tried to resist but I was down for the count – have you all seen the new Jo Sharp book? Knit 1 has some awesome patterns in it – and there are not one but TWO sock patterns in it! Of course I was looking at the Alpaca Silk Gorgette and before I knew it I was casting on a pair of socks! I am doing the lovely picot-edged socks in the book. I have about 3″ done on sock one. I hear my scarf calling to me – traitorous knitter that I am – I am ignoring her. I have about 36″ done – half way – and I have “floor time” at work tomorrow, I promise that I will sit and knit during the 4 1/2 hour time block. I am a captive audience for calls from people asking about interest rates, etc. It has not been the most productive time spent – work wise, but it is excellent knitting time!

We had rain again yesterday – and more is expected for today. The leaves are beginning to turn colors – I bet that north of here they are getting some great color. We will all have to stop in to say “hi” to Susie and ask her how the leaves are looking. You might also check out her Etsy shop – she spins and dyes some amazing yarns. Be sure to tell her that Kat sent you. All you Socktoberfest and Hot Socks participants might find something lovely to knit up a pair of socks for yourself or your loved ones!

I better get back to work here gang – have an awesome Tuesday!

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