Good Morning One and All! Hopefully none of you had too much New Year’s Eve cheer last night and are bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning!

The New Year dawned here gray and dreary outdoors but we are sunny and bright here inside at the Holland Huis – at least those of us who are up are bright and sunny! I hosted a small New Year’s get-together for my kids last evening. The ladies are up and the boys are still snoring away. I even got a good nights sleep – so there was not too much commotion last night! I have fresh turn overs and juice awaiting the sleeping giants!

So, it is the day of resolutions! Are you all ready? I know I am not! I have some that are easy, but others that are hard. I will share shortly – I have to get them from my brain onto paper!

I read a really great New Years post this morning at Felt Like Knitting so I thought that I would share my “Top Ten Reasons I Like Knit Blogging” – drum roll please…..
10. Podcasts!
9. Journaling – I have found this to be a wonderful way to keep track of thoughts and ideas.
8. Swaps, Exchanges, and KAL’s. This has been so much fun! I have especially enjoyed SP8 and 9 that I participated in in 2006. I have also met some awesome knitters in this process and I cherish their friendship! 7. Meeting other bloggers! This past summer I got to meet several fellow knit bloggers at Threadbear in Lansing. Laurie, Handknitter Sarah, Lynne from New York, Sharon, West Michigan Laura, and Susie all traveled over to Lansing for a day of knitting fun. I am hoping that 2007 will allow for meeting these lovely ladies again and that I will have the opportunity to meet more of my Knit Blogger Friends!
6. Discovering Etsy shops online! This has been amazing as I have found wonderful sources for amazing yarns. You are all so talented – and I am honored to be able to buy your yarns and knit them into something lovely for myself or my loved ones.
5. Stash explosion – see above!
4. Teaching knitting classes and taking knitting classes- although I am not in the same league as Handknitter Sarah – I have discovered that I love helping other knitters learn a new technique. I also have discovered that, while I am a fairly new knitter – I had my 2 year knitiversary in 2006, I love learning new techniques. On my calendar for 2006 is to join a group to knit an afgan one square a month and to tackle lace!
3. Discovering all the knitting helps there are online! From to all the other knitting help sites – what a treasure trove of amazing information.
2. Finding comfort in the camaraderie that exsists in the knitting community. This is a giving group of people – I am amazed. Here is to making 2007 as amazing!
and my number 1 reason I liked knit blogging this year…
1. Being inspired, sometimes amused, and always touched by reading what you are all doing in your lives. Thank you all so much for sharing!

Have a most Blessed New Year!

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