Hello Everyone! It has been a very hectic week here at the Christensen Huis – I worked a lot and went to knit night on Thursday – there were not enough hours in the day. Last year my daughter saw the Fair Isle bag in VK and she really wanted me to knit it for her – so I had gotten the yarn to knit it up for her – but with all the Christmas knitting – I did not even think about starting this project – that topped with the fact that I had NEVER done Fair Isle – it got put on the back burner. Well, she asked about the bag again this week – so I went and dug the yarn and the pattern out from my stash closet and headed down to my LYS for some Fair Isle pointers. I can knit continental – but the bottom of the bag called for stockinette and was not knit in the round. I cannot purl continental – I have tried – it is an excercise in frustration – and not something I want to do for 1 row much less the 15 rows I’d need to do to get the bottom completed. So, Rose taught me Norwegian – no, not the language – Norwegian Purl to be exact! I can Norwegian Purl!! Woooo Hoooo! So, Fair Isle is sailing right along!

I shall post photo’s later on.

I am sending out my final package for my SP9 pal tomorrow – I got her some lovely stuff! Touch Me lace weight yarn, some soy silk roving, and some treats for her and her family. She was such an awesome pal – I hope she likes her last package.

I am also sending out the package for the Luxury Fiber swap I am in – that package will be heading to Washington State tomorrow as well. I will post what was sent later in case the recipient reads this blog.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here is hoping this week is not as insane as last week was!

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