Hey everyone. Lent has begun and who’d of thunk I’d be giving up knitting! Yesterday, on a morning that the sunrise was gorgeous after a beautiful starry night – think no clouds – I headed out to work, on a mission to purchase some “paczki’s” for the Tuesday morning sales meeting – Fat Tuesday – eat sweets in preparation for giving them up for lent, right?

Well, close your eyes and imagine this – I get out of my car and begin the walk behind my office building to the “Wesco Gas Station” where the office staff SWEARS to me that the best paczki’s on earth are. So, as I am walking – briskly – imagine me hitting a patch of ice – very thin – very, very slippery ice. Are you putting 2 and 2 together? If I did not hurt so much I’d be laughing right now – so I hope you all are! While my feet seemed to be sliding in slow motion – my fall to the earth was not slow by any means. Can you see me? Face down on the parking lot? I mean flat on the ground! I jumped up so quickly – I amazed myself, praying that no one had seen me do the “swan dive” onto the black top. My knee was killing me, my hands were skinned up, my wrist was not feeling too pleasant either. But, I continued on to purchase the damned paczki’s (and I am not even Polish – sorry to all of you lovely Polish readers out there!) and bring them back to the office. I headed to the bathroom to wash the parking lot grime off my hands, clothes, shoes, coat – what I really needed to do was head back home and start over!! My knee was a bit skinned, my hands looked like they were going to have some nice bruises too! But, nothing looked broken and nothing was bleeding – maybe not so bad after all. AND – no one saw me fall – this must be a good omen.

I continued on through the day – sitting at my desk and working away. The worst was over right?

By noon I could not lift my right arm – at all. It was most comfortable next to my body – not moving. I started to think something was very wrong. As the afternoon progressed, the pain increased – I am no wimp and have a fairly high tolerance for pain. By 2PM I classified the pain as “30” on a scale of 1-10 when I called my family doctor. The phone nurse told me, “go directly to the ER, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00” So, I managed to put my coat on and headed out to the hospital.

Thank goodness I did not break anything. But, they fear I have torn my “rotator cuff” and I have a goodly amount of fluid on my knee. I sit here before you with my right arm in a sling, pumped full of Motrin – avoiding the Vicodin they also prescribed because it
a. gave me nightmares


b. made me dizzy and nauseous!

I go back to see my doctor next week – how am I going to make it without knitting for the next few days!!! AARRGGHHH….. stay tuned to see how this progresses!

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