Hello everyone. I have been working on travel plans – knitting travel plans. Where am I going, you ask? Well, it is not me going – I am in Lynne’s Special Swap and the theme for March and April is to send our pal on a “knitting journey”. I have been working on all the fun stops for my pal to travel on. I think I have her “itinerary” about complete, but am looking for 1 or 2 last “must” stops. This has been so much fun, and I am excited to see where she is going to “send” me!!

Has everyone been bitten by the “Spring Fever Bug”? I know I certainly have – I am itching to get outside and play! I saw signs of life in my garden this morning – my yarrow is coming up!! The birds are all singing amazing chorus’, it is so grand to have the windows open to listen to them. It is also grand to have the HEAT OFF!

I have Knitter’s Guild tonight – it is WWIT night. I know we all have had those moments of weakness – the “What Was I Thinking” knitting blunders. I am bring 3 WWIT items tonight – I will post photo’s of my lovelies later. I think you will all agree – What was I thinking! Trust me ladies – if you are over 12 and weigh more than 100 pounds, a “furry poncho” just does not work! Heck, a “non-furry poncho” does not work! If you recall “Virtual Kat” from a month ago – you can easily see why a poncho and the “wide angle backside” do not go well together! So, I am hauling off my early knitting adventures off for “new ideas” at the Guild meeting tonight. There should be laughs for all – at least with what I am bringing. The knitting blunder I am not bringing is the sweater I knit for my “dear, departed husband” (and before all of you start commenting and asking if he died – no he is alive and well, or at least that is what I last heard! He just has “moved on” – to another state!). Some ideas that some of the gals from SnB were rather funny… the one I thought was funniest was take the sweater out with me to “find a new owner”. Can you see me walking down the streets of Holland holding my sweater up to male passers-by, sizing them up? My fear is that it is (excuse my language here…) asshole sized and I am certainly not looking for another one of those! Another thought was to “felt” it a bit so it can fit my son – but, the same connotation is ringing in my head, and my son is very dear to me! It is gorgeous yarn – Noro Cochoran – a real waste of good yarn, if you ask me. It was the first sweater I finished and sending it to the Frog Pond would be painful! I think I will keep it as a reminder of what not to seek in a male companion!

Okay, enough of this line of thought – watch for photo’s of my WWIT – hmmm, I think I can add a picture of my husband to that line up as well!

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!

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