Okay, how on earth did June whiz by so quickly? Is anyone else as baffled by this as me? I am stunned that today brings the last working day in June! today is the first day of July! I am even more stunned that Sunday will have July marching in! I did not get this posted Friday, the afternoon got a way from me!  My June was a bit hectic – schools end, my daughters graduation, graduation parties, and work kept me busy! I am really longing for a span of time when things go at a slower pace! A snail’s crawl sounds incredibly inviting!

My garden is looking so nice – although I need to move a few things around – there is alot blooming right now. I will get some photo’s this weekend and share them with you all.

Speaking of photo’s – my daughter is still trying to get a snap shot of her sister in the Chapeau – but with little success. She also will make an effort this weekend to get a picture and email it to me!

I have been knitting away on my Indigo Waves skirt – I am 9 rows into the lace work and enjoying it very much! And, because I have cast-on-itis – I joined the Mystery Stole 3 – and pulled some lace weight yarn from my stash out. I even think I might have some beads that will work! If you too suffer from the itch to cast on – you can head over to Melanie’s site and sign up!

** Update Sunday July 1st – the beads don’t work, but I ordered some online and hopefully they will arrive soon!

It was a glorious day yesteday – the sun was out, no humidity, it was an amazing day!  It looks like we have more of the same for today!  I sat in the sun and knit yesterday for a good space of time!  I am well into the “ripples” of the Indigo Ripples Skirt – it is an easy pattern to memorize and it changes often enough to keep boredom at bay!  I hope to have the skirt finished this weekend!!  I am envisioning wearing it with a white linen blouse and some flat sandals – the perfect summer outfit!

The week is supposed to bring rain – much needed rain!  It is sad that we are supposed to have rain for the 4th, but it is so dry here the several days of precipitation will be welcome.

Have a safe Sunday everyone –

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