Hello Everyone!  Well, July has most certainly begun!  Why is it that when it rains, it pours?  No measurable rain as of yet, but it is certainly raining in my life right now!  I am looking for the rainbow desperately! 

Work was slow in June – so I put in my request for more work in July – you know that old adage, be careful what you ask for?  Well, here it is the second work day of July and can you say drowning???  I cannot see my desk for all the paperwork on it!  I ate lunch at my desk yesterday, and I ate lunch today in my vehicle traveling from one office to another!  I needed a moment of calm, so I thought I’d come chat with you all and try and re-organize my poor befuddled brain a bit!  I will more than likely work tomorrow for a bit, because my Thursday and Friday (which I thought would be slow due to the holiday) are jam packed with appointments!

In my personal life, it is raining as well – monsoon rains!  I am having some issues with Ex #1.  I am not sure how to solve the issues – but they require legal assistance.  So, my attorney is certainly getting a work out this year!  How sad to have your attorney on speed dial, is it not?  Now I know why the term “EX” has such a poor connotation!  Wonder if they sell one way tickets to Mars!!  It might be a worthwhile investment! 

I know I had promised photo’s, they are coming!! 

On to a knitting update!  Indigo Waves – which I am renaming Verdigris Waves –  is flowing along nicely!  I have about 30 rows to complete –  and my desire is that I have many uninterupted hours of knitting tomorrow to finish it!  I am going to have yarn left over as well!!  I am still waiting for my beads to arrive for the Mystery Stole 3 – I am itching to start that!  My poor Monkey sock has not been knit on in over a week!  Too busy at work to knit at lunch time!  I will get back to them after I have my skirt finished!

My kiddo’s get back home on Friday – it has been a nice 2 week break, but I am ready for them to be home again!  Imagine missing teenage conversation!! 

Alright, my brain seems less scattered – back to work for me!  Have a fabulous 4th everyone!

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