Hello Everyone! Here is hoping you all had a great week! The weekend was truly welcome here in West Michigan. I was truly in need of a weekend. With taking a day “off” – not really off, but out of the office – I played “catch up” all week. I am more than ready for a new week and not being behind!

Today is my friend Carla’s birthday – she is 40 and fabulous today! She is blogless, but none the less a truly amazing friend. We are meeting today at The Butler in Saugatuck – you will find me sitting on the deck, in the sunshine, beverage in hand, listening to the live music, helping Carla celebrate! I won’t be hard to find – that will be me in my Lush Green Ripple Skirt! I will have a friend take a photo of me in the skirt!! This has to be my favorite knit item ever!! I truly like this skirt! I have plans to knit another one – this one will have a few less hip increases – and some “backside increases” to accomodate my posterior! I am thinking about trying some Rowan Denim – but I am not 100% sure yet. I will keep you all posted.

I have FINALLY begun clue #2 from the Mystery Stole 3 – now, granted – I am only a couple of rows into it, but I have started it!




Voila! My first lace with lace weight yarn!! Okay, there are a few mistakes – but as I look at it they are not glaring – at least not to me. I have missed a couple of beads also – I noticed that as I pinned it out on my ironing board. I am not sure that this will be noticeable either once it is completed. Here is a new flash for you all – I am going to cast on a second one this week! Yes, you read right – I have had some yarn that Susie dyed. I found some beads Friday in Grand Haven that I thought might go with it and, lo and behold, they did. So, I am going to cast on a second Mystery Stole and knit 2 in tandem!! I am going to use a smaller needle size though – I think I am going to use 4’s – rather than 6’s.

On the “cast-on-itis” front – yes, I continue to suffer from this – I cast on Wendy’s Something Red as well last night. I am using some yarn I got last year from Threadbear – and it will be Something Black for me! I am moving along rather quickly – and this is, thus far, an easy knit (read – can watch television while knitting!).

Well, have a great Sunday everyone – see you next week!

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