Hello Everyone!  I was awakened this morning by the sun peeking in the window!  It was warm and welcoming.  Nights have been getting cooler here.  And, nights have been getting longer – the sun did not wake me until after 8AM!  All these things add up to summer ending! 

I even saw some trees with changing leaves this week as I drove between Holland and Grand Haven! 

Yikes – I am just not ready for fall!

I have plans to have no plans this weekend.  August ended on such a frenzied note that a weekend of nothing sounded quite heavenly.  So, you will find me sitting outside, soaking up the last summery rays of sunshine, listening to the radio, and knitting.

I had some stash enhancement this week – I have been wanting to knit Charlotte’s Web for some time now.  So, I broke down and got 5 skeins of Koigu!!  Here is the great part – 3 of them were ON SALE!!  A new knitted item on it’s way for the wedding I am attending in September!!  Who needs a new “little black dress” when you can dress up your current black dress with a new wrap!!  It should be just the right weight for a fall evening! 

My LYS has enlisted my help – yes, that is right – my help.  They want to start a blog!!  Yes, gentle reader, Rose and Ruby are going to be available to you – near or far – via the blogisphere!!  Watch for updates on this in the days to come.

Now, I am off to my plan-less weekend.  And, here is to hoping that your weekend plans or no plans goes exactly as you imagine it to!! 

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