…and spinning and spinning…

Well, it’s been a hectic week here at the Christensen Huis – school started for all the Christensen children.  Rachel is off to the U of M  and Heidi and Sam are back in school as well.  Busy mornings, busy days at work, and busy evenings should equate to a night of sound sleep but, I have been tossing and turning most of the night!  If there was just a switch to shut off my brain and keep it from wondering what I have forgotten in the day, what I need to remember to do the next day would be awesome! 

Hello Brain … you know, I’d remember things better with a good nights sleep!

So all that thinking about things forgotten and urgency to remember would be much better served if you thought about that in the morning while I am sitting and savoring that first cup of coffee with some knitting in my hands. 

You know – those mornings are nice and quiet – before the chaos of the day erupts. 

You might consider that for next week – I promise you that I would be so appreciative of it!

 So now, dear reader, are you wondering where the spinning and spinning comes in?

Somehow, magically, that Coopworth roving I have is turning to the most amazing yarn!  For those who gave the suggestions to me a huge THANKS goes out to you!  So, in my evenings, I have been spinning and spinning.  I am beyond parking the spindle between my knees and I am just spinning away! 

News flash – I love it! 

Now, not more than knitting – but I want to knit me some socks out of that Coopworth I am spinning. 

Speaking of socks -I bought Cat Bordhi’s new book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One, yesterday.  This book is sheer genius.  If you do not have it, I urge you to go today and pick up a copy of it.  Cat is one brilliant woman and the designs in this book will astonish you – truly astonish you, trust me on this!  If you are a sock knitter, there are new things to learn in this book that will take your sock knitting to a new level.  If you have never knit socks, Cat explains how to knit a sock that your foot will love.  And, when you have finished your first pair – they will clamor for more!!  She  uses a variety of techniques and a variety of great yarns.  If you, like me, have more than a skein or two of sock yarn in your stash – run out and get this book.  Your stash will decrease with each pair of socks that fly off your needles.  Think how happy this will make you feel if you, like me, wanted to decrease your stash in 2007. 

As Lynne was so kind to remind me that Christmas is right around the corner – you can get to work on Christmas knitting NOW and have some lovely socks to gift to your loved ones.

If this commentary has not created the urge to run out and get this book then I will make it very easy.  Click the link and buy it today! 

Seriously, dear readers, this book is so incredible!

This week in a Marketplace report, Kai Ryssdal interviewed Mark Penn about “microtrends” and Mark mentioned knitting – my ears just perked up at that word – and Kai was surprised to hear about the increase in knitters.  So, I emailed Kai to share how LARGE the knitting community is.  Blogs, Ravelry, Etsy, etc.  After all – I consider Marketplace to be on the pulse of the planet – so I felt compelled to increase their knowledge. 

Guess what – they emailed me asking for my phone number – yes, they want to call me.  I will update you later with where this all goes!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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