Hello everyone!

 It seems fall has arrived – kicking summer to the curb in it’s excitement to arrive.  So, today dawned gray, rainy, and cold – with no trace of summer who was lolling around on the sofa yesterday. 

 Words of warning – be careful of what you wish for – it may just happen!

So, I arrive home to find a new kitten at my home. Yes…you all read that right – a new kitten.

Now, no “awws” people.  One cat was wonderful – two I am not so sure about.  So now the dogs, Noel, and I have this “spitting” kitten to deal with.  Oh – it spits – at me, at the dogs, at the cat, – heavens – even at it’s image in a mirror.  Okay – I admit that is funny, but the dogs are definately not amused. 

So, I am still debating with my children about this kitten … stay posted for the news updates.

 Some of you asked for an “action” photo of my wine flip flop in action – and without further adieu… the flip flop in action!

Now – a more somber note…

 You have all been forewarned – so enter at your own risk for the remainder of this post…..

It has been a heck of a week or two (although it seems like the days have stood still at times)…. a good friend of mine committed suicide recently.  I have not blogged about it because of how painful it has been.  Then, as I was struggling to understand that – a very, very dear friend lost her husband very unexpectedly.  They had just found out they were expecting their second child.  This also knocked the wind out of my sails.  Some days life does not make sense… at all… it just hurts – so terribly much.  And there are no words to say….

This post is dedicated to two Steve’s  – may they live forever in the thoughts and hearts of those who loved them. 

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