Hello Everyone! 

We are truly in the midst of Autumn here.  It seems that every other day we have overcast skies, damp, chilly weather, and intermittent rain.  This is the time of year that the color of the trees makes up for the lack of sunshine.  Against the gray background the reds of the maples seem redder – and the yellows and oranges are vibrant!  Not that I am loving days and days and days of rain – but it is a bright spot.

I wanted to thank you all for your kind and encouraging words – they meant more than you know.  Each day I think of the thoughts of all of you and I am reminded that I need to keep those thoughts going towards my friends families.  I called my girlfriend yesterday – I had checked in with her last week.  She was still surrounded by friends and family in the aftermath of the funeral.  And, when I called her yesterday – they had all gone back to their lives.  Good reminder, gentle reader – don’t fall off.  Yet, there were surprising acts of kindness that made us both cry.  Her husband’s employer is providing medical insurance through the end of the year for my pregnant girlfriend and her son.  Then, her husband’s co-worker’s are all chipping in some money from their pay to have the insurance continue for 2008.  I will be taking her out to lunch one day next week.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Okay –  now for a lighter note –

After reading all the blog posts about Rhinebeck and the chatter on Ravelry – I am really envious of all you east coast people!  I have to work on Saturday, but, the urge to drive there is buzzing around my head.

I will be watching for all your stash enhancement that happens over the weekend – with great envy!  I really need to plan a road trip next year to participate! 

I had better get off to work – have a great day everyone!!

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