Good morning!!  Yes, we are up bright and early here – I have to head into work shortly and I wanted to finish up the laundry so I was not stuck doing that for the remainder of the day!  This is the best time of the day – it is quiet, I can sip my coffee, catch up on my blog reading and enjoy the start of the day.

It has been a strange week, both with the weather and with work.  I am  more than ready for the weekend! 

There are more trees with vibrant leaves – fall is definately upon us.  The storm did manage to de-foliate quite a few trees, there are still enough left with their fall attire proudly displayed. 

I had dinner with some friends last night and after dinner I walked downtown with Mary – we stopped in to Loker’s Shoe to see what was in the bargain basement.  I found a GREAT bargin indeed.  Some very chic cowboy boots – for $25.00!  Yes, you read that right – $25.00.  I may be looking for a hoe down this weekend to wear them to! 

 I really want to take a drive to view the colors this weekend, but I am not sure that will be accomplished.  There is homework to follow up on, housework to finish, and parents to check in on.

Aging parents can be quite a challenge!  Especially when neither one lives next door!  My mom has had some health struggles recently, and she is not a good patient!  Having been a nurse for her entire life – she could write the book on how to be a bad patient!  Well, I would say, and I think my sister might agree, that Mom could win the prize for not listening to what the doctor says!  I have been tossing the idea around in my head to move her in with me…. I just don’t know where we’d put her!!  So, for the time being, I am grateful that my work brings me to Grand Haven multiple times during the week – it makes it convenient to stop at lunch and after work to check up on her. 

 I had better get moving – have a great weekend everyone!

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