Hello everyone.  Fall has, at long last, arrived!  When I got up this morning it was so crisp and chilly outside.  It smelled so great!  This is a great improvement from the “wet” smell in my condo.  Yes, you read that right – wet.  The switch went out on the sump pump and I have some wet carpet downstairs.  I am fortunate that I caught it early – Servicemaster – who I am on a first name basis with – came late yesterday to extract the water.  I have my own personal wind tunnel now until the carpet is dry!

So, just in case you are all wondering if I will be checking into the loony bin – although I had some serious thoughts about doing just that – I am doing just fine on the edge of crazy here.

I have been working on the finishing touches for Lynne’s Special Swap for this round – the theme surrounds a movie.  I think that this theme has been exceptionally wonderful and I am excited to see what my pal sends me and to see her reaction to what I will be shipping off to her.  I hope to have everything ready to head off this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend – I am picking up my first try at Angel Food Ministries on Saturday.  I will let you all know what my thoughts are on the food I get.  Although – for $25.00, this will be a HUGE savings on the monthly food bill here. 

I heard a lovely reminder this morning on the news – in 2 months it will be Christmas.  Have you started your holiday knitting yet??????  Yeah, I think I have the same answer here that you all have in your homes.  I had better get moving on some easy projects – I have a slate of mittens on my project list, a hat for my son, some slippers for my mom – and I am going to pull out some hibernating WIP’s to move out of here!  This may mean that I have to put the spinning wheel away for awhile!  Stay tuned for some interesting WIP updates!

Last night I sat down and finished spinning the Wensleydale I got at the Allegan Fiber Festival – now all I need to do is ply!  I believe I have gotten the hang of drafting and maintaining a fairly consistant strand while spinning – the plying should be easy, one would think, right?  Well – Blogless Mary and I are taking a plying class in November at The Spinning Loft and I hope to become more proficient at plying then!  I plyed the Corriedale and I have MORE than enough to knit myself a pair of socks.  They will have to wait until after my holiday knitting is completed before being cast on!

Well, I better get off to work – have a good day everyone. 

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