Hello Everyone! 

I have been working on laundry and knitting for most of the morning and I am proud to tell you that I have turned the heel on the Undulating Rib Socks!  I am to the point where I need to pick up the stitches at the gussets and I am taking a small break.

Alice has been complaining.

She misses me.

So, I am off to cheat on my knitting this afternoon with her!  I am going to finish the lovely Merino I shared with you yesterday.

I have truly found my groove in spinning. 

I am so excited for Saturday!  Blogless Mary and I are heading to Howell to take a class from Spinning Spider Jenny at The Spinning Loft!  Mary and I are taking a class on plying!  So, technically, I have to have several bobbins filled with some fiber.  I am sure Alice won’t complain!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching the Christmas deadlines are racing on. 

Although, it is certainly difficult to think about Christmas with this mild weather we have been having!  It is warm out today – a balmy 55 degrees out right now! 

So, I thought I should share a little warmth with all of you – some lovely golden warmth!  Feast your eyes on these pictures I shot today!  Even though it is grey outside, there is brilliance on the trees!

I give you Autumn sunshine. 

There are some colors to warm your eyes! 

Have a blessed afternoon everyone!

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