Hello everyone!

Are you all getting in the spirit of the season?

Have you gotten out your Christmas music?

Is your tree up?

How about those Christmas cards???

Yesterday I focused on my Christmas knitting – and yes, I am knitting diligently away on my holiday projects! 

But, lest you all think that I am doing nothing else to prepare for the season – I have enlisted the assistance of Ann to help me create my holiday cards! 

As you can see, I have paper and stamps and I even have an idea of what I want to do…

All that is left is execution! 

So Ann, Blogless-Mary, and I will work on that part on Friday night!  I will even make a bit of dinner for us all. 

So, stay tuned for the creative genius to emerge!

And you should really go listen to Jingle Bells soon!  I know that Bing and Perry are coming to my house today! 

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