…or how I got my Christmas mojo back!

Hello everyone! How is your December opening up? Are you feeling some anticipation for the arrival of Christmas? Or, are you stressed to the maximum and overwhelmed by the tasks you have to complete before December 25th?

I confess, I was feeling decidely un-Christmasy. My Christmas mojo was gone. With how I was feeling, there was not even going to be a “Charlie Brown” Christmas here…

I worked on my Christmas cards, but no spark of enthusiasm appeared. As you can see, they are almost finished – I need to put ribbon on the remainder – along with some words of Christmas wisdom…

But… lest you fear that the Grinch will be successful in stealing Christmas from me….

One of Santa’s little elves helped me find my mojo! Sunday afternoon, Marie gifted me with pure inspiration!

So, Christmas is arriving on my doorstep – and I have opened the door wide and welcomed it in!

Without further adieu, I bring you my new Christmas Mojo!

We have the North Pole all set – aptly set upon the top of my antique step-back cupboard. This is pure Marie genius. I am ashamed to say that in all the years I have lived here in my condo – I have never set up Santa’s village. In my home, there was a “perfect place” for this – on top of the mantle. No mantle here in the condo – and evidently, no mojo either!

Next up – Dicken’s Village – set up in my kitchen on my antique sideboard! Again, this is the first time this has been out and set up since 1999 when I moved into this condo. Oh, the houses have sat as silent sentinels on top of the amoire that houses the television. But, they were unlit and had no people to bring them Christmas cheer! Now, Scrooge has been blessed with Christmas wonder and he shouts out – “Merry Christmas” to my home!

My brain has been whirling away with dozens of inspired ideas. As I worked away yesterday, Christmas music filling the air, I began to feel some of the “Advent Anticipation” in my preparations. So, as I work today to continue to get my home ready for Christmas – I will also be working on getting my heart ready for it as well.

I am off to work on more – and there is some knitting calling my name as well.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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