Hello everyone!  We got some snow last night and it is so beautiful outside this morning!  The sun is shining and the world is all sparkly white! 

Do you remember the first days of snow – especially when you were a child?  The anxious anticipation you felt as you wished for snow to fall – mostly  because you wanted a “snow day” from school, but you were so eager for that first snow.

What are you anticipating this Advent season?  Are you waiting for something? 

My holiday decorations are going up nicely – I hope to have my tree up tonight.  I have an artificial tree that we put up downstairs – the cats had a field day with it, let me tell you.  I went downstairs in the morning and it was all in pieces all over the floor. 

After a few expletives and some shaking of my fists at the cats – I gathered up the  branches and began to put the tree back together.  They have left it alone since then.  This is, of course, without lights and ornaments.  I am going to try the lights today and see how that fares over night. 

They seem to feed off each other in the mischief that they get into!

And, the looks of innocence on their faces in the morning is most comical!

Well, decorations are calling – I better get at it.  I will leave you all with a link I found on Ravelry this morning. 

Knitter’s Advent Calendar


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