Hello Everyone!

Well, in a few short hours my kitchen will be transformed into “baking central”.  I am enlisting the elves kids to get some holiday cookies baking. 

Good things:  The smell of cookies baking, hearing the kids laughing as they are working on them, watching them goof off with each other.

Bad things:  Cleaning up the kitchen after all the mayhem, pondering how many calories are in said cookies, eating cookies anyways!

I will try and snag some photos of the afternoon insanity!  We have Spritz and fudge on the horizon.  I might even be able to convince Heidi to make some truffles!  My mouth is watering! 

My knitting is perking right along, although I am aching to knit for me!  How selfish is that!?!  Only the guilt is keeping me from breaking out some personal knitting.  Are you all having “knit for myself” pangs as well?  I have visions of Fair Isle dancing in my head….

Like this one….

Or this one….

Or maybe this one….

I am telling you, 2008 is going to be the year of Fair Isle here at my house!  You will find me happily stranding along.  And – if all goes well, you may see this show up on this blog!  Stay tuned for my departure to the Fair Isle…. 

I have also started the task of wrapping!  Ugh!  I would like to put the packages under the tree, but I am afraid of what Thing One and Thing Two Noel and Maddie will do with wrapped boxes!  I am telling you, dogs are MUCH easier!  Copper and Penny watch those two cats and I can hear them thinking – oh, boy – are you gonna be in trouble!!!!  And, the cats seem quite happy to ignore the dogs sage advice…. I am telling you, they are not too smart!

Well, I am off to get the kitchen ready for our “Bake-a-thon” and back to my Christmas knitting. 

Have a good one everyone!

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