Hello everyone. 

Well, if nothing ever was going to motivate me to finish the sweaters that are languishing on my knitting needles, surely today made a valiant effort! 

People, the temperature never got over 20 degrees outside today. 

My poor furnace ran all day.

This is most certainly is not the norm for West Michigan – you see, Lovely Lake Michigan keeps us warmer in the winter months.  We usually are hovering right around 30 degrees.  So, when the winds blow cold and the temperature drops, I am not anxious to leave the house for much of anything.

But, I did head out to Knit Night tonight.  You all know the Knitters Motto – neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor cold, nor children, nor anything shall keep the knitter from Knit Night!  And, we had a gang buster of a crowd tonight!!  We almost ran out of chairs!!  A nice way to wind down the week!

And, I am ready for Friday.  More than ready.

Have a safe evening all. 

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