Hello Everyone! 

Shhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone, but I escaped today with Alice. 


Yes, we ran away together – to Lansing – to St. Distaff’s Day – at Threadbear. 

Alice loved it there.  We walked in the door and the aroma of sheepy-ness was a fragrant perfume wafting over us.  Alice was quivering with excitement!  With her encouragement, I purchased my very first fleece in grease.  Some truly lovely caramel colored Shetland – from a very sweet sheep named Shannon. 

There was some gorgeous black wool from a sheep named Alice – but my Alice would not hear of it. 

She is The Only Alice. 

So, we brought Shannon home instead.

We had a marvelous time, Alice and I.  Time in quiet meditation, spinning together.

And, I am finding that in my quest to participate in Blog 365, I am thinking much more during the day about writing. 

This is also my first photo for the ABC Along I am participating in!

I hope your weekend was restful, relaxing, and that you are rejuvinated for the week ahead.

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