Hello Everyone! 

I started a “live” knit along this morning.  A LYS in our area is having a “block a month” knit along for the Manos Four Season Afgan.  I joined in the hope that the group motivation will keep me inspired to knit the afgan, which I will have finished in December of this year!  One square a month seems entirely doable to me and not at all a daunting task. 

It was so much fun to see the color selections my fellow knitters selected.

I am doing this with Blogless Mary, Ann, and Ann’s friend Alice. 

And, this morning – the topic came up about knitting styles and speed…

Yes, the great debate.

Continental or English, which is faster.

I came down on the side that neither one is faster than the other – but I believed that The Harlot could beat, hands down, anyone knitting either style.  But, The Harlot aside – I think that all of us – whether we knit continental or english style – knit a relatively the same speed. 

So, I am opening this up for your comments – what do you think.  Is one style of knitting faster than the other?  And, if you think it is – what is your proof for your theory…

I am waiting to hear your thoughts!

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