Yes, it is Primary Day here in Michigan.  Our much touted, moved to a new date because we think we are so important primary.

As a result of our moving the primary – we don’t have all the candidates on the ballot. 

There’s some brilliance huh?

I have not had any responses from any of the candidates – so I fear there is not a knitter in the bunch!  Although Hillary did say that she likes to clean out closets and drawers to relax.  Wow, there is some normalcy, huh? 

Hillary – have I got some relaxing time for you – head on over and you can have at it with my closets and drawers!  You will be so relaxed we will need to pour you in your chauffer driven vehicle!

Now really, gentle reader, what on earth should one think about someone who cleans drawers and closets for relaxation???

I think she needs a new hobby!  Or a very good shrink!

The candidates on the “other” slate are do not offer much improvement I fear. 

But, if you are still working on which candidate is “your man or gal” just head over to Michigan Radio’s Select A Candidate link and they have some questions that will help you decide.

Have a good day everyone – I am off to vote!

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