Hello Everyone! 

Happy Wednesday to all of you! 

Winter is rolling right along here in West Michigan – and we have some storms looming on our weekend horizon.  This is all wonderful, except after next week I will be traveling in to Grand Rapids every day for school!  So, a bit less of the wintry, white kind of precipation would be awesome – or at least not the icing up the road kind.

And, yes, you read that right!  The State of Michigan has finally pulled it together and I am enrolled in school for my start to my new career!  Shortly, I could be coming to a hospital near you to take care of you!! 

I said to a friend on the phone this morning – I am finally on the path!!! 

So, poor Copper and Penny will no longer have mom home all day (or most of the day) with them. 

Look at those faces (if they did not chew on their ears, they’d be perfect!)…. awww, what do you mean mom – why won’t you stay here with us???

We’ll just have to love each other then….

Have an awesome Wednesday!  Share the love today, gentle readers!

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