It has been less than 24 hours since I enabled another knitter in casting on something new….

It is a good day to stay indoors – being as it got to a whopping 11 degrees outside today!

I think it is even too cold to take photo’s to show you all the snow we have been getting.

So, I stayed in and knit.

Except I have knit nothing that I said I was going to….

I have to blame all this on my friend Marie who cast on this on Friday.

Yes, you guessed it – it was not long and I had found some lovely Classic Elite Gatsby that I had purchased on sale last year sometime.  I bought all the skeins they had left – 8 lovely skeins of gray slubby yarn.

Now the pattern required a gauge swatch – and some math.  None of this is a daunting task – especially when you are knitting on a 10 1/2!  Quick, right?

So, I am knitting away – knitting and knitting and knitting away.  And, I am not loving the pattern – I think the sleeves will be incredibly bulky with this yarn.  And, being that this is knit sideways – I am thinking that the arm holes are not deep enough.  And, I am really not loving how the neckline is looking, or how the  shoulders will join.  And, I don’t really think the sweater is going to be long enough – it is hitting me at the “wrong” spot.  So, as I am knitting – I am making all kinds of changes – and I am going to add a placket at the shoulder – a much nicer way to join the shoulders.  And, no sleeves – a vest.  With i-cord around the edges.  And, I am adding a border to the bottom….

I think this is turning the knitting corner for me.  A big corner!!!

Stay tuned for Monday – I am sure I will have it done…

And, I think that this is totally fair since I passed the “cast-on bug” to Chris – I am ready for a 12 step stitch program….

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