I am knitting frantically on the vest.  Each row completed is one closer to finish.  Not saying it is a race, but I do feel compelled to finish this – and soon!  I want to see if what is in my mind’s eye will be what the finished product looks like. 

I feel a bit like Kramer from Seinfeld – remember the boxers or briefs episode?  Well…. I am feeling a bit like Kramer right now and soon we will find out if I can come sliding in here on Monday letting you all know that I am “lovin’ every minute of it”! 

I am not an adventurous knitter – oh, I knit things that are adventurous, but I knit them as the pattern tells me to.  With little or no variation.  Yep, I am an “in the box” kind of knitter. 

That is strange, because if you know me at all – you’d say that I was an “out of the box” kind of person.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I will pick up an extra stitch or two from the heel flap when I am making socks (to get rid of the hole, right?) and an extra stitch or two when knitting mittens (same hole!).  But, I don’t vary much more than that from a designer’s pattern.  I figure that they know immensely more than I do – especially about knitting! 

I mean, truthfully gentle readers, I just figured out gauge swatches!  I know – duh! 

And, there is still all the mystery of positive and negative ease. 

So, I am knitting away on this vest – from this picture I have in my mind… scary stuff, I am telling you. 

It is a good thing I am a process knitter – rather than a product knitter. 

That way if I have to head to the Frog Pond I won’t be devastated!

Okay – that is enough of a break for me – back to the needles!

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