Hold the phone, gentle readers, I have success!! 

Yes, after much trial and tribulation and a couple of trips to the frog pond – the answer came to me today as I showered.

Here is the test of true knitterly thinking, you cannot stop puzzling over a problem – it swirls and swirls around in your head until the logic of the solution steps up and scrubs your back (figuratively) in the shower early on a Sunday morning.

I have arrived!

My brain is a knitting test ground.

Must be the great company of yesterday – or the great thoughts of an amazing fiber artist (Hello Beth!!)…

Anyway – I have solved the attached i-cord dilema. 

Beatifully solved, I might add!

I even have proof… see for yourselves!

Note the seamless attachment.  It is truly a thing of wonder!

Here – a bit closer for you to see both the front and back sides… see – no funky ridge from my picked up stitches….

Here is the back side – sorry it is a bit blurry – but as you can see, no funky ridge here either!

So, are you curious, gentle reader, how I accomplished this knitterly feat????

I shall share with you – when I picked up stitches – I just picked up the stitch – no pulling yarn through to “create a new stitch”.  I just picked up a portion of the existing stitch of my fabric. 

The end result – no funky ridge at all.  My applied i-cord is the perfect finish for this vest.  I am  working on finishing the arm holes.  Then all I need to do is sew on buttons – and voila!  A completed object!  My plan is to wear it to school on day one. 

Proof to my ability to figure out a solution to a dilema. 

A good way to start – as the amazing Brenda Dayne says – “Start as you mean to go on”… And, Dame  Brenda – I most certainly will!

Then, if this was not the best and most amazing thing of the weekend – I got this award from not one, but two amazing bloggers. 

I am so honored that I make their day, but truly – they inspire me.  So, here is a huge thanks to both The Incomparable Judy at Persistent Illusion and The Brilliant and Talented Susan at A Few Stitches Short (of a full row).  These women are truly amazing women.  I am humbled by this reward – truly humbled. 

And, in my attempt to share the love with others out there… I want to share with you all those bloggers that Make My Day!

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Kimberly at Woven Spun

Julia The Yarn Maven

The One and Only Yarn Harlot – Stephanie Pearl McPhee


These bloggers inspire me daily in ways that help me daily to be a better person than I was the day before.


If you are not reading their blogs –  do so.  They may inspire you as well!


Have a blessed evening everyone!

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