I found this most appropriate of poems for the Blogland Silent Poetry Reading Day….


  Thousands of sheep, soft-footed, black-nosed sheep–
one by one going up the hill and over the fence–one by
one four-footed pattering up and over–one by one wiggling
their stub tails as they take the short jump and go
over–one by one silently unless for the multitudinous
drumming of their hoofs as they move on and go over–
thousands and thousands of them in the grey haze of
evening just after sundown–one by one slanting in a
long line to pass over the hill–

I am the slow, long-legged Sleepyman and I love you
sheep in Persia, California, Argentine, Australia, or
Spain–you are the thoughts that help me when I, the
Sleepyman, lay my hands on the eyelids of the children
of the world at eight o’clock every night–you thousands
and thousands of sheep in a procession of dusk making
an endless multitudinous drumming on the hills with
your hoofs.

Carl Sandburg

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