Well, it was a busy day here at “The Home For The Unemployed” – lots of work to get done and lots of reading to do for school tomorrow.

I did find time to read the Sunday Paper, and there was an excellent commentary by Garrison Keillor that was extremely thought provoking and something that has ever since been rumbling around my brain.

I know many of you knit many items that you donate to causes all over this glorious planet.  I think that is just wonderful – but, I think we can all do more – starting with me.

I have kind of been bemoaning my children growing older in conversations with friends.  Just recently I was talking with a friend who is pregnant and we were talking about reading and kids.  I was sad that I no longer (and have not in years) get a request for “Goodnight Moon” before bed.  No one comes to me with “Caps For Sale” wanting to crawl in my lap for me to read it to them.  Now, my girlfriend is also struggling trying to balance work and home and finding time to read to her 3 year old – and she is worried how much more hectic that will be after baby #2 arrives….

Then I read Garrison Keillor’s pointed commentary today.

It has been prickling me ever since. 

Yes, we as a nation, have a large percentage of the population that is somehow slipping though the cracks and they are struggling with reading.  Maybe they have hard working parents who, like my girlfriend, are struggling to balance life.  Maybe they only have one overworked parent, who is exhausted when they return home from the one or two jobs they have in order to maintain a home for their family.  Those children are our future….

And, I for one, am going to make a difference in a childs life. 

Won’t you join me?  After all, I know that knitters “get it”.  In the words of the Yarn Harlot we all understand how one person can make a difference.  We are knitters after all. 

I challenge all of you, gentle readers, to call your local elementary school in the morning.  Tell them you want to read to a child – or a group of children.  Trust me, they won’t say no.  A simple hour a week reading with a child will make a huge difference.  If you don’t like reading – let them read to you!

I challenge you all to post this challenge on your blogs as well.

Let’s get all of us reading to a child.

Think of the change we could make…

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