Wow, am I glad it is the weekend! 

Catch up time for laundry, house work, and knitting!  Without these I’d have to leave the house naked, eating off paper plates, stressed beyond my limits!  Yes, that would be a scary, scary world!  Thus, I am making sure I get lots of knitting time in… that way I will be so relaxed I won’t care that I am naked, and who needs to eat when you can knit, right? 

Well, fortunately common sense has not left the Home for the Unemployed!

I am almost done with laundry and I did most of my house cleaning last night.

Which was perfect – I had my knit along for the Manos afgan today.  Ann was there with her friend Alice – we laughed and had a good time.  I have block #1 completed (can you believe that I needed to get another skein to finish block #1?????) and I have started on block #2.

As you can see, this fits for Project Spectrum 3 as well… although the photo does not show it very well… it is a very dark rusty, orange-y, golden-y varigated yarn.  Block #2 will be a lovely golden yellow color.  

Staying on the theme of Project Spectrum Flame – I have a picture of my Hemlock Ring Blanket … this is so fun to knit.  I love how it is turning out!

I am about half way done with this, and it is going to be spectacular.  As I said, I am knitting this with Cascade 128. 

And, as if I did not have enough going on for Project Spectrum – I saw a cute scarf – Gust – on Anne Hanson’s blog.  You guessed it, when I learned that I could get some amazing orange Arequipa from Ball and Skein I had to order it!

What is not to love with 80% Alpaca and 20% silk?  This will be my treat to cast on once I have finished clinicals at the nursing home this week! 

And, this week is brought to you all by the letter C (I could not resist – my Sesame Street days are showing!!)

And, in my house C stands for Copper – my Cav.

I love you, Mom, but why are you taking my picture????

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