and by the end of the day it will stand for EMPLOYED!  Or at least I hope it will – I know I have a job, but I am waiting for HR to get the paperwork together.  Until I have that, I am in a bit of limbo, but that is alright with me. 

Yes, that is right – yesterday I went to take my state test and ….. I PASSED!  WOOO HOOOO!

It was all in all a very emotionally draining day – I had a funeral to attend in the morning for someone who was just 23 days older than me.  We grew up together – his family and my family were close.  His mom could easily be my “second mother”.  Somedays life makes no sense at all. 

So, after that I flew home to change clothes – I had to wear my school “scrubs” to my test and get myself to Grand Rapids to the testing site.  I was worried about being there on time, but I made it with a five minute window to spare!!  The test is set up in a “hospital” type room set up – and you have a “student actor” and a manikin to perform your selected skills on.  There is a dour-faced tester who observes everything that you do.  And, this dour-faced tester reads you the test instructions word for word – (ummm, hello, I can read).  This always amazes me – you mean that you do not have to read to take this test???  She then reads word for word the skills that have been selected for you to perform.  Yeah, well – my student actor was nice and, fortunately, I can talk to anybody – about anything.  Even the manikin – yep, I am just chatting away with the manikin as I give her a partial bed bath.  And, when I get to her right arm – oops, she is missing it.  “Whew, one less thing to wash”, I say – I thought the instructor was going to wet herself she laughed so hard.  She then says to me, “I had no idea the manikin was missing an arm”… So, I passed the clinical exam and the written exam!

I  felt I deserved a bit of a treat, so I headed off for City Knitting to get some yarn.  Okay, I  know I don’t need any yarn… but I am taking a dyeing class there on March 15 with Rita Petteys of Yarn Hallow Yarns fame and I needed to get yarn to dye.  I am excited to take this class!!  Very excited – I did not select any “white” yarns to dye, I picked out more natural shades – some grey laceweight, some pale brown and cream alpaca, and something else that I cannot remember right now.  Anyways, my treat for me – just because. 

So, when I arrived home last night I was ready to collapse – but I had to run Heidi around to get a few things she needed.  But, when I arrived home there was a package waiting for me at the door!

My Spa Swap package had arrived!  Renee  was my partner for this round of Lynne’s Special Swap and she sent me a package that is sure to energize me!!  Renee must be my twin because we sent each other amazingly similar packages!!  She sent me some wonderful things!  And it all started with a card that she made by hand!  She packed in my “Spa Day” package some great Burt’s Bees products!  I love Burt’s Bees!  My lips, hands, feet, and elbows thank you Renee!!  She also sent me some aromatherapy soy candles!  I wish you all could have smelled the aroma that wafted out of the package when I opened it – mmmmm, so nice.  Another votive candle to add to my “tub collection”.  I mean how special is it, gentle readers, to draw a nice hot bubble bath and light a gajillion candles and sit and soak.  She tucked into the package a nice little portable journal so I can jot down notes.  This I am going to tuck into my spinning bag – and I will start to keep better notes about what fibers I have and what I have spun.  She also sent me some dark chocolate truffles… Oh. My. Gosh.  Mmmmmmmm.  Last, but not least – she sent me some Deram in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest!  Now if this stuff does not make you energized, I don’t know what will.  Smooshy is truly what this yarn is.  My feet will certainly be doing a happy dance with socks knit from this on them.  I will have to browse Ravelry and queue something up!  And, hopefully I have my May Day Socks done soon so I can start knitting them!!  Renee, thank you so much for such a great swap package!  It so rocks!!  And, thank you to our Swap Mama Lynne for matching me up with such a great partner!

Alright, I had better get off my butt and get something done this morning.  Have a good day all!

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