Yes, that is correct – I can wrap up my tenure with Michigan’s Unemployment Voice Activated Services – or “You can call me Marvin”.

This is no longer The Home for the Unemployed!!

Yes, you read that right – last night I got the phone call from MetroHealth and they offered me a full time position!!!

I  begin on March 31st – full time, days.

Yes, days.

I originally applied for the only open position – part-time nights and I was gearing myself up for the changes that would make to my life.  But, somehow, miraculously, a full-time days position has come available and they offered it to me!!

I need to truly thank my friend Sandy for her assistance – she introduced me to the people I needed to talk with to get hired there in the first place.  And, I need to thank God for His goodness in bringing the position I needed.

I have been unemployed for a LONG time – and it will feel so good to be back in the workforce!!

And, when do I re-enter???  March 31st is my start date.  This is just perfect – I don’t have to stress about Easter and work, I don’t have to cancel on any classes I am taking.  How perfect is that?

Okay – I am off to find a BLS class – I need my certification prior to starting!!

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