Hello everyone!

Last night Sandy and I went to spin with the Woodland Spinners.  It was great fun!  What an upbeat group of talented spinners!  I even met someone who is a new spinner like me!  She started spinning in August when she took a class at Allegan Fiber Festival!  We laughed about celebrating our one year “spiniversay” together!  There was also some great discussion from the group on participating in the “Sheep to Shawl” contest that they have at Allegan!  Lots of new thoughts swirling around in my head!

And, tonight the Holland Spinners are meeting!  This will be fun as well – I took the Dyeing class with Lisa and Jenna and I am looking forward to seeing their fibers!!   I started spinning my Merino/Bamboo roving last night.  Yum!  I like!!  I saw something interesting on Abby’s blog and I am doing that with my roving.  We’ll see how it turns out!

One last tidbit to leave you with.  In our Thursday night knitting group we have a lovely lady who has 9 children.  Yes, you read that correctly – nine!  Well, last night I met another lovely lady who has her beat and beat by a mile.  She has 13 children ranging in ages from 31 years old to 8 years old.  I almost fell out of my spinning chair and, if I still had my uterus, it would have been crying!!  Thirteen kids – oh. my. gosh.  And, get this gentle reader, they do this with a bath and a half.  She was loads of fun, which you would have to be with 13 kids – don’t you think?  And, what is the break down – boys to girls, you ask?  Seven boys and six girls.  Here is what I am thankful for – I am not doing their laundry!!

Have an awesome Tuesday all!

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