Hello everyone!  I am hoping that your Easter, be it white and covered in snow or bursting forth with spring flowers, has filled your day with joy!  In our house the day began with Son-rise worship followed by Easter Breakfast prepared by the youth group.  And, while this is not a gourmet breakfast by any stretch of the imagination, the predictability of this meal accompanied with the fellowship of good friends made the morning!

Now that lunch is over my plan for the remainder of the day is to sit and knit and knit some more!

I have been working on my Super Secret May Day Swap Socks!  I am not much farther than the last time I reported in to you, but it is not for lack of trying.  I had to frog back a bit when I discovered a large mistake.  And, trust me, I tried valiantly to avoid a trip to the frog pond.  No such luck for this lowly knitter!  So, I am now back on track and hopefully I will be Twisting along the Tulip Lane and have sock #1 completed soon!

I also have been working a bit on the never ending rounds of the Hemlock Ring blanket.  I am to the point where I am concerned that I will have enough yarn to finish.  So, either I knit faster (that is the knitter cure, right?) or find another skein of yarn…

I have been spinning and plying a bit.  I will try and get pictures posted tomorrow.  I spun up and plied the Wool-Bamboo that I got at the Dyeing Workshop from Rita.  Lovely stuff, let me tell you.

I should also be working on finishing Gretel – but May Day Sockmania has over taken much of my knitting time.

My son had his girlfriend over last night and she was enthralled watching me spin.  They sat in the living room and she was asking me a million and one questions (much to my son’s chagrin!) and I asked her if she knit – nope.  But, I will be exceedingly happy to teach her.  She is a darling young lady.  And, enabler that I am, a new knitter and spinner is a good thing!  Especially since my children have no interest in taking up needles and knitting.  However much they like hand knits for themselves, they are content with me knitting them!

Alright, I am off to pour myself a glass of wine and spend the evening knitting.

Blessed Easter everyone!

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