Panic is surely setting in here as the days of unemployment draw to a close.

How the heck can it be Thursday already????

I wonder if I find a horn and march around outside blowing it loudly that I can stop time for a bit!  Well, it worked for Joshua in Jericho – a girl can only hope, right??

I can hear you all muttering – insanity has surely set in!

Okay, maybe it has!

My good intentions for the week have gone by the wayside.  I have some cleaning done, but not what I want to have done.  I have some knitting done, but not what I wanted to have done.

I got sidetracked on Tuesday – major derailment people!

You see, it started out as a Good Samaritan Journey.  And, with those good intentions I headed off to A2 to get Sandy’s dear husband Budd.  Jail Break from The Joint, I was so into this plan!

The problem is what is between here and there…

There is of course Mecca and how can one but stop in Mecca – especially when you are on a Good Samaritan Journey?!? Plus, I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my hot little hand.

Okay, that was one the first detour in my Good Samaritan Journey.

Stop number 2 was a bit more dangerous.  It all started when I called The Divine Miss B and she answered the phone.  Darn her!  Bigger problem, she calls me back asking me for help in the purchase of a vacuum for her shop.  Oy.  Then she called again to let me know she and her darling daughter were heading right over to the shop to wait for me.  Double Oy!  She must have heard her cash register singing for joy.  So, on to Howell I proceeded.

Well, it is right on the way to Ann Arbor – I swear it is!!

Yeah, so I leave with much in tow.  New traveling wheel, new drop spindle, one of those adorable acorn spindles, a book…

All this on the Good Samaritan Journey – and then I arrive, finally, at long last, to spring Budd from the Joint.  (FYI, looks like they are having a special on Colon Cancer Screenings right now, just in case you are interested – just saying!)

With Budd, new wheel, and a wee bit of yarn in the vehicle we made a run for the border of Lake Michigan.

So, my questions remains – how the heck can it be Thursday already!?!

I am off, gentle readers, to find a horn to blow!  Photo’s of my mayhem to follow… stay tuned!

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