Hello everyone!

I have officially made it through my first week of work!


I still have volumes to learn but Week One was a pleasant surprise.  I survived orientation and I am holding my own in training on my unit.  I have a wonderful teacher.  She is patient and understanding – even if I have to ask her several times about something.  She has a bit of an accent – so I am asking her to repeat things at times.

Okay, she has more than a bit of an accent!  I am struggling to understand much of what she says, but she is patient and is willing to repeat things.  She pronounces my name “Katy” so the patients are calling me Katy – to which I do not answer.  Oy.  It is pure comic relief, I am telling you!

Within the month I am sure that I will have lost some weight with all the walking I am doing.  There is LOTS of walking.  And, I mean LOTS!

I am thankful for comfortable shoes! DSCF0715_edited

They are sitting right where I took them off last night.  After a 12 plus hour shift, I dragged my butt in the house and did not do much more than that for the remainder of the evening.

I am also thankful for the new friends that I am meeting at work.  Now, I do not want to sound prejudiced – or discriminatory, but it is so nice to work with women my age!!  They are all wonderful.  They are encouraging and welcoming.  There are knitters!!

I have, however, been practicing my long draw technique that I learned from Abby and I am pleased to report that I am getting it!!  I am even more pleased to let you all know that Icelandic Wool is an excellent fiber to practice this technique on.  I have a lovely batt of this yummy stuff and I am enthralled with this new technique!


As you can see, I am working on filling a bobbin and hope to have some plied up this weekend!  My consistency is improving which was my goal.  I am feeling more confident with the technique.  Practice, practice, practice!  I love how this technique allows the “springy-ness” of the fiber to remain.

Finally, I am thankful for good friends.  Copper and Penny are a welcome sight at the end of the long day.  And, even after being cooped up for the day, they are happy to crawl up on the sofa and sit with me.


Here is Copper hamming it up for the camera.  Penny was borrowing a page from the camera shy cats – I could not get her to sit still.  Here she is hiding…


What I did not know at the time was that she had gotten in the garbage.  Hmmm, she knew she was in trouble!  LOL!  Kind of hard to put her in “Puppy Time Out” when she puts herself there first.  If it is not raining all day here we are all going for a bit of a walk!

Okay, I am off to get the sewing machine out for a bit of sewing fun.  Stay tuned to see what I create!

Have an awesome weekend all!

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