Good Day everyone!

It has been a great weekend! And, it all began with a road trip to A2 to see The Yarn Harlot in all her humorous glory! That’s right! Erica, Blogless-Linda, Sandy-who-needs-to-get-a-blog, and I all headed off together! The drive was most interesting. Black skies and rain traveled with us. When we arrived in A2 we were welcomed by a Tornado Watch – we were glad that The Harlot was speaking in the lower level of the library!! The room was filled to overflowing – and the overflow was filled to the brim as well! There were many great knitters and spinners present! Abby was there and Jofran, too! Abby was wearing THE SHAWL! And, of course, I did not get a picture of it! I know – fifty lashes with wet wool for me! There were some members of The Black Sheep Knitting Guild attending as well! We had a great time sitting, knitting, waiting. When at long last – she arrived with a thunder of applause!

Through a sea of knitting heads, she was there! Funny as ever. I have started reading her new book and I give it a great review…. 5 pointy sticks on the knitter’s scale!

After her talk, there was of course, the opportunity to get her autograph in our books! Of course we stood in line. Sandy got a photo of all of us, but I don’t have it to share with you yet! Sandy just sent me the photo of all of us!  Here it is…

But, I do have a photo of me!

There we go – I have her sock – she has mine. Oh… and this sock – it is THE sock for the May Day Sock Swap! It is now a famous sock!! I am sure my pal will love knowing that this sock made the journey to visit The Harlot!! I am ready to turn the heel on sock #1 and will get there on our journey today – that is right, even with gas prices through the roof – we are heading out again today to see Jillian and Amy in Lansing for the premier of More Big Girl Knits!!

I worked yesterday, picking up an extra shift. This is a very good thing. It was a nice day, and I paced myself well. All in all, a great day! I came home to soak my feet and sit and knit a bit. All week long we have had a guest doggy here at our house! Mitzi the Boston Terrier has been hanging out with us and we have loved every minute of it! She is a great knitting buddy!


She climbed right up on the back of the sofa to snuggle in with me.


“Are you talking about me????”

She is welcome back anytime she’d like! It is always a good thing to have a Three Dog Night!

Stay tuned for a Big Girl Knits update! Have a great Sunday all!

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