Or, why are there only 24 hours in a day?

It seems to me that when a person works 12 hour days that their day’s off should be a bit longer than 24 hours!

Here I am, on my day off, and I find myself doing laundry, cleaning the house (don’t have a panic attack, gentle readers – just surface cleaning is going on here), getting something ready to take to Sandy and Bud’s tonight for dinner, and I am about to leave to watch #2 daughter play in her tennis match at school.  I have done little to no knitting (soon to be remedied at the tennis match), no spinning, not one fun thing!  If you could see my bloglines – I don’t think I will be caught up ever!

Thus why I think that day’s off should be MUCH longer than 24 hours!

Tomorrow will be one LONG day.  Work 12 hours and then I will be making a beeline to see/hear #2 daughter at her spring concert.  If I sit in the back do you think anyone will notice that I am in my work clothes???  There will be no time to change – the concert starts at 8PM – I should arrive moments before the start.   Oy.

Alright all, I am off to see my tennis pro!  Have a good evening all!

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