I don’t have to go to work today, but that does not eliminate work from the agenda today.  I have work to do and lots of it!

I am heading off to the post office to send some packages out.  I am finishing up the never-ending laundry.  And, I am casting on sock #2 for my May Day Sock Swap Pal!  Yes, I am behind the 8-ball a bit.  Sock #1 is done, and done nicely!  Sock #2 will soon follow!  I will not be crying “May Day” but sending off a nice May Day Surprise package instead!

Having rejoined the ranks of the employed, managing a house has become a challenge!  I am seriously in need of some downsizing in housework!  Right now, I have floors that need to be mopped, sheets that need to be changed (which will make more laundry, gah!), bathrooms that need something more than a “quick wipe”, and I need to put a serious grocery list together!  I seriously need to find a “Housekeeping Genie”!  Especially since I have no magical powers – I cannot wiggle my nose like Samantha did on Bewitched – sending things moving through air to their correct place, nor can I blink like Barbara Eden did in I Dream Of Genie instantly making things right and in their place!  So, I am looking for a “genie replacement”!  It will give me time to knit, spin, and unwind after work!  It will also make my days off a bit more manageable.  So, my goal for the week will be to find someone who can do a few things here for a reasonable sum of money!

So, I am off to get a sock cast on and get to the post office!  Have a good day all!

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