It seems that the statement the faster I go the behinder I get is amazingly true.

We had more rain this week, make that torrential rain and thus more water in the pool level.  (Note that I am not calling it the “lower level” any longer.  I just does not qualify as a place anyone can inhabit).

If ever there was the urge to mail the keys back to the bank it was this week – the only problem with that is that the water is not the banks fault!  However, the urge to just walk away was/is overwhelming.  And, the debate still rages on with the insurance company over who is to pay for what.  The one bright spot was that I have physical proof that the “back up system” is the back up of nothing.  So, there is a small bright spot.  I have shared this small bit of ammunition with our insurance agent and he was intrigued by this as well.  Stay tuned for more on where that leads!

So, when life gives you lemons the motto is to make lemonade, right?

I am here to tell you that I have significantly reduced the amount of “stuff” that was occupying the “pool area”.  I feel like shouting “Free at Last” from the rooftops!  I have been working on getting rid of stuff, but not at the pace I needed to – this was just the prodding I needed!  There were garage sale items, donate items, and throw out items!  To quote Martha Stewart – it is, indeed, a very good thing!

I have also been cutting down on any and all extra driving due to the cost that gasoline has climbed to.  One would think that vehicles ran on liquid gold!!  Originally, I thought this would be challenging but not so!  I am enjoying being a bit of a homebody!  My knitting is progressing, my spinning is progressing, my cooking is expanding, and my reading is getting caught up!  I am going to ride my bike to the farmer’s market tomorrow and my task for today is to figure out how to attach a basket to said bike to bring my treasures home with!  Ingenuity has increased as well.

It has become glaringly obvious to me in the past days that I was filling my life with things that were not important to me, did not bring meaning to my life, and were weighing me down considerably.  Thus, I am doing less big box shopping and more local shopping.  I have signed up to buy shares in a farm coop for next year, which I am really excited about!  For a small amount of money, I will get 26 weeks of fresh produce, eggs, etc!

Work is going along wonderfully – I have worked my way out of the first 90 days meaning probation is over!!  I am still loving this job immensely and the rewards are just amazing.  How humbling it is to spend my days doing little things for others and receiving  an abundance of blessings in return.  I am incredibly thankful that this has come my way and that I did not miss it!

So, here we are on the 232nd anniversary of our nation’s birth and still those same ideals and beliefs that our forefathers wanted are still valid today.  I am not sure if any of you have heard the Declaration Of Independence read in its entirety, but if you’d like to listen you can do so here.

So, wherever you are today, be it celebrating with friends and family, vacationing , or working – Have a wonderful 4th!

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