Yes, I am all ready for school to start, kindergarten here I come!

What, you say, you think I am a bit old for kindergarten??

Not so, gentle reader!  I just got my MMR shots and I assure you, I am all set to start school tomorrow!

Yes, that is right!  Evidently, having a diligent mother who kept us current on or vaccinations is not enough to establish immunity.  It seems that while measles and rubella both worked just fine, I am woefully lacking in mumps protection – and knowing that a virulent mumps outbreak is lurking right around the corner – I found myself in need of a bit of re-immunization!  Keep your fingers crossed that in 30 days I am found to have mumps titer in my blood or I don’t know what will happen!!

In light of my return to kindergarten, I thought it might be nice to wow the teacher with my knitting talents and to confuse my other classmates by knitting up “Hey Teach” from this summers Knitty.  Imagine the fun all my fellow students will have trying to figure out who is the teacher tomorrow when I show up with my new sweater on!!

Since Heidi and Sam are up north with their dad for the weekend, and Rachel is off to college, I found myself in the bathroom trying to snap a photo or two of this sweater!  Hey Teach! by you.

I have to tell you, I love this pattern!  So much so, I am casting on again with some gorgeous yarn I got from the Michigan Fiber Festival from the creative and talented Rita of Yarn Hollow fame.  This time I will knit 3/4 length sleeves to bring the sweater to a more Autumnal focus.  This sweater is definitely Cast-On Worthy if you are trying to be monogamous with another project, give in to the urge to cheat with this sweater.  It is a quick knit and is easy to memorize.  You know you have something in your stash that will work for this, so go grab some needles and cast on!  Just sayin’.

I was on the “A” list also for a fun celebration recently.  I got an invitation from Mike of Windswept Farm Fame to come and celebrate the Harvesting of the Hops!  So, I packed up an assortment of cheeses, some crackers, a couple of olives, and some fig jam and headed south for the afternoon.  I found myself to be quite proficient in plucking the Hops from the vines and filled my bucket while enjoying a Chocolate Stout, courtesy of Mike.  As an added lure, Windswept Farms has recently had some new additions to the flock – yes, the fall lambs are being born!!  Imagine my joy at seeing two tiny seven day old lambs!  I spent some time out in the field with the flock, spending a little one on one time with wool on the hoof!  Mike’s daughter, Sam, called the sheep and the sight of them running to come and see us is one I will not soon forget!  It was a wonderful day and I look forward to helping again at next years Harvest – and I will be vying for the “Hops Queen” Crown!!

And, as we enter September with reluctance, leaving behind the waning summer – we find ourselves immersed in politics that are both historical and exciting – regardless of your party choice.  I am truly proud to be witnessing the political history being made right before my eyes.  It should be an exciting Autumn!

In case you thought I have deserted spinning, fear not!  I have been working diligently on improving my skills!  I present to you my first singles, worthy of remaining single!! 

I give you some spun gold – just call me Rumpelstiltskin!!  This is just over 4 ounces of Romney – about 420 yards – spun with Abby’s Supported Long Draw.  This is my most consistent fiber spun to date.  If you had not had an affair with the Long Wools… you don’t know what you are missing!  The color in this picture is so true as well!  I have 12 more ounces to spin up – I see a shawl in this wools future, something to wrap around my shoulders to keep me warm!

Romney Single Laceweight by you.

Here is a close up – note the lovely halo that the Romney  has!  And, yes, there are a few spots where it wants to twine back on itself, but that will vanish in blocking!  I got this lovely Romney from The Divine Miss Beth in Howell.  Call her, she has more of this crack!  And, she’d be happy to send it happily on its merry way to your home!!  Just sayin’.

Alright, here is hoping that your Labor Day was without labor and filled with what you love!

Have a wonderful week!

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