It never ceases to amaze me that when you least expect it life happens, and sometimes what happens is so amazing you are awed by the experience.  Consider me awed, gentle readers!

In West Michigan, Autumn has come to stay.  The days have been lovely, sunny and warm.  The nights, beautifully cool and crisp.  The perfect combination, in my opinion.  The colors are changing slowly in the trees, and each day it seems there is something new to see.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to put socks on after a long summer!  Simple things, to be sure.  But, a nice feeling!

I am going to try and keep up with the Harlot this year and not turn the heat on for as long as possible.  It should prove an interesting challenge!  Stay tuned to see how I handle this feat.  You may not know this, but I need to have a window open to sleep.  I dislike the feeling of a closed up house, most especially in the bedroom.  I promise to keep your inquiring minds posted on how this progresses!

Today is also my first night at work!!  Yes, the change begins today!  I have been trying to stay up later and, therefore wake up later.  In theory that sounds right, does it not?  Well, would someone please tell my internal clock???  I have been going to bed later, but waking up near the same time.  I would stay in bed, tossing and turning – sleeping the sleep of restlessness.  I am fatigued today, and will hope that the nap I have planned for this afternoon works out.  Either way, keep me in your thoughts tonight!!

School is off to a rousing start for all the kids.  This weekend is home coming and I had some previews of the frivolity this weekend from Heidi and Jordan.  Okay, can someone tell me when kids got all decked out for home coming???  I feel decidedly old!  I am about ready to pack up Miss Heidi and send her off to a nunnery to be clothed in sack cloth and ashes!  Sam will be home for the weekend to be with the most darling and enjoyable Brea.  Young love is a wonderful thing!!

Come to think of it, love at 47 is most incredible as well, just sayin’, gentle reader.  Most incredible indeed.

Anyways, I digress… stay tuned for the Red Carpet Photos from the upcoming weekend!  All the news that isn’t fit to print will be shared here, you can rest assured!!

Not all of you know, but next Monday I have surgery scheduled.  At. Long. Last!  Nothing dire, just a small arthroscopic repair to a little problem in my supraspinatus, for the inquiring mind out there.  I will be off work a bit, but that will be just fine.  My hope is that knitting will be my solace in recovery,  Carla – I will keep you posted as to how I am feeling and my holler at you for advice!  So, a bit of a “forced” vacation to enjoy my favorite season is just what the doctor ordered!

I wish that you all find joy in the world around you where you least expect it.  Have a glorious day!

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