It is a slow recovery, but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the journey has opened my eyes to things I have long taken for granted. This has caused me to think about those who have challenges to deal with every single day, for which the shining light at the end of their tunnel only shows a continuum of more of the same and a society that is ignorant of how challenging their life really is.

If I want to be out the door at a certain time, I need to start well in advance to make that deadline. Everything is an ordeal, from washing my hair to dressing, from drying my hair to brushing my teeth left handed! Grocery shopping is set up for physically able people. How do you get things off the top shelves if you cannot reach? Ever think about that? Me neither until recently. Let me tell you, it sure as hell is not easy. Moreover, it is humiliating to ask for help, how much nicer to have someone notice and offer. It amazes me how most people just do not “see” those around them. I can assure you I will be more aware of my surroundings in the future and offer assistance whenever I can!

If I find myself challenged with my minute issue how much more must it be for those who have REAL physical limitations. I am embarrassed to admit that this has never crossed my mind. I have found a new respect, Gentle Readers, for those who have challenges. I think it is sad that it took me 47 years to find it.

So, here is my challenge to all of you out there reading this, determine in your days going forward to be aware of those around you. Look for opportunities to help others. Actually think about the abundance of blessings that you have overflowing your life and look for ways to share them with the world around you. If you already do this, I commend you and challenge you to stretch yourself finding ways to do more.

What a grand and glorious world this would be were it filled with people looking for ways to help each other. Go out to your corner of the world and spread some glory; who knows, it could be contagious!

In addition, as always – have an awesome day.

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