I very rarely follow the blog world agenda for what to do on my blog on any given day, but today it seemed most fitting to tell you all about thirteen things for which I am most thankful!

It hardly seems possible that 6 weeks ago, I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and very early tomorrow morning I will be heading back to work, not 100% recovered but well on the road to that goal.

  1. I am most thankful to MetroHealth Hospital that I have a job in a time when many are facing loss of work and wages. My joy will be overflowing at my return to work in the morning!
  2. I am thankful for my boss, who made weekly phone calls to ask about how I was doing, and knowing that she truly cared what my answer was!
  3. Dr. Kevin Howard, who in my not so humble opinion is the best surgeon on staff at my hospital, his expertise has repaired my shoulder!
  4. I am thankful that I will not have to think about work attire at 0400, but will mindlessly put a uniform on and head out the door!
  5. It is a given that I am thankful for Frack and Paddywhack, but I need to acknowledge their love and support during the last six weeks.
  6. Knitting! Lest you all forget why I started this blog, knitting is something for which I am more than thankful! My determination to pick up my pointy sticks and turn yarn into an object you can wear has driven my recovery from the first day home when I persevered to knit just a few stitches and each day is succession, this act alone kept my sanity from departing forever.
  7. Plurk and all my Plurk friends! I have wasted entirely too much spent my recovery with all of you and I loved it and all of you! I am grateful for your help and support!
  8. The 12-Step Recovery Program that I will start tomorrow when I begin to have Plurk withdrawals! Hello, my name is Kat and it has been 15 minutes since I Plurked…
  9. I am thankful for planetKnit and her unwavering support; she has called me daily and regaled me with stories of the real world.
  10. I am thankful for having gone through this surgery and recovery process, I believe it will help me be more understanding and empathetic with my patients and my interactions with others.
  11. I am thankful for the pain that was worse and is now better and being able to see the difference!
  12. I am thankful that through out this journey I did not lose my sense of humor or my ability to laugh at myself!
  13. In addition, last but certainly not least, I also need to acknowledge one very special friend without whom these six weeks would indeed been long. He was and is a bright point to my day, brings a smile to my face, and love and laughter to my soul. Friends like this do not come along every day, and it is a blessing to have him in my life.

Gentle Reader, I promise to make a valiant effort to stay in touch with you on a regular schedule, but trust that you will forgive me lapses as I return to the work force.

Have a phenomenal Thursday all!

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