Early to work today, umm, make that extra early to work!

But I wanted to stop by and remind you about our ongoing contest that runs through Wednesday, so don’t forget!!

Here are the rules again:

Now, the rules.  You can enter once per participating blog per day.  Entries are simple… just comment on our post for the day.  If you blog and would like to post about our contest, doing so will get you 5 extra entries.  There will be 2 winners.  Each winner will need to give us a mini bio of your family.  (Ages, genders, wants, needs, likes) and we will buy prizes accordingly.  Prizes will be wrapped for under the tree and sent post haste! Comments and posts from Sunday November 23 through November 26th will be taken as entries.  Black Friday we will announce the winners!!!!

If you mention this contest in your blog, email me at kachrist37 (at) gmail (dot) com. Of course remember to replace the at with (@) and the dot with (.) Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs as well – their links are in the sidebar for your convenience!

Have an awesome Monday all!

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