The patients that come to my unit are healthy and have elected surgery to replace their worn out knees and hips, or back surgeries that make patients in pain again realize life that is pain free or relatively so. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes to a hospital is going to get better and go home to his or her family and friends.

Yesterday, in the small details of the day as I was frustrated with myself for the feelings of “not knowing all instantly” a beautiful thing occurred.

Clear and sweetly, suddenly a chorus of voices broke out in song – the mixture of voices was hauntingly beautiful as they sang the hymn.

One by one, I watched my co-workers grow silent as we all listened to the beauty of the song, flowing with love from this family as they raised their voices in a not so perfect harmony.

It the midst of the frenetic pace of the day – this family reminded me of what is most important.

In life, it is the little things done well that are most worth doing.

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I challenge you today to go out and do the little things well, Gentle Reader – they are well worth doing!

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