Here you go, just in time for the holidays!  And, I pilfered this from CJ’s blog!  Thanks CJ!

Favorite Christmas …
Non-religious song? White Christmas – and my favorite version is from the movie “Holiday Inn” when he sings it the last time in the studio…

Religious song? Silent Night, preferably sung at Midnight Worship Service by candle light.  So I share with you Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht on guitar just as Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber’s first rendition was played…

Santa-related song? Santa Baby

Fictional character? The Grinch, what is not to love – especially Boris Karlof’s voice!

Dinner main course? Roast Beast – errrr, Prime Rib, complete with Yorkshire Pudding and Horseradish sauce.
Dinner dessert? Bouche de Noel

Scent? Butter cookies baking in the oven…

Animated Christmas program? I have two, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Non-animated program? Okay, “It’s a Wonderful Life” “Holiday Inn” “White Christmas” – all great flix!

Personal memory? Watching my children’s faces on the first year they “got it” on Christmas morning.

Story? Each of the Gospels give such an amazing account of truly what Christmas means…

This or That
Candy cane or peppermint patties? Peppermint patties.

Sugar cookies or gingerbread? Sugar Cookies

Tinsel or beaded strands? None of the above.

Multi-colored or single color lights? I love white lights, but my kids like multi-colored ones.

Flashing or still lights? Still, flashing lights make me dizzy.

Wreaths or mistletoe/holly? Wreaths, and yes Mistletoe too.

Rudolph or Frosty? Rudolph, of course.

Sledding or snowball fights? Sledding!!

Snow or ice/icicles? Snow

Hat or earmuffs? A hand knit hat, of course!

Getting or giving? Giving!

Snow days or plow trucks? Of course, snow days!!

Stockings or presents? Both – can you have one without the other?

Cookies and milk or letter to Santa? Okay, again – can you have one without the other? You have to also leave carrots for the reindeer!!

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Can you have one without the other, I love both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Log Burning Channel or Real Thing? Why the real thing, of course.

Cards or e-mails? Hand made cards!

Shoveling or scraping ice off the car? Isn’t this why God invented garages and snow plows?

The Inn’s Manger or the animals? Okay, I would be honored to be have been with the animals on Christmas Eve.

Hot cocoa or eggnog? Egg Nog – home made, with brandy of course!

Jack Frost or Little Drummer Boy? The Little Drummer Boy!

Yay or Ugh…

Holiday shopping? Yes, out with the masses – just like the song Silver Bells talks about..

Icy roads? Just gives one a good reason to stay indoors with the someone you love!

Limited driving visibility? Again, an excellent reason to stay indoors and snuggle!

Christmas Carolers? Yes, and I have been one, I love to go caroling!

Mall Santas? Ummm, really not so much!

Salvation Army Santas? Again, not so much – but I hope you drop money in the kettles! I have been a bell ringer for them as well!

Blizzards? Only if you have nowhere to go, some wine, a roaring fire and someone to cuddle up with!

24/7 Holiday Radio? I love this, even though I do not listen outside of work, NPR – you know!

Freezing cold? Yes, it is hand knitted woolen garment weather!

Setting up the tree? Yes, I love this part of Christmas!!

Wrapping presents? Yes, I love wrapping presents!

Visiting/seeing family? I love spending time with loved one’s for the Holidays!

Belief in Santa Claus? I still hear the bell, does that tell you anything?

Chocolate countdown calendar? Chocolate, yes. Advent Calendar, yes. And never the twain shall meet!

Peeking at your gifts? Now what fun would that be??? However I do like to peek at other things, just sayin’!

Making out with Santa under the mistletoe? Oh yes – I think that is the perfect way to move from Naughty, to Nicely Naughty!

Decorated houses? Absolutely!!

Extremely decorated houses? You betcha!

White Christmas morning? Yes, yes, yes! Even in my dreams!


Santa knowing when you’re asleep and awake? I love Santa watching me!

First Thought That Comes To Mind When You Hear…

Snowflake! Falling

Pinecones! Filling bowls on the table, scented with cinnamon.

Elves! Working hard!

Sleigh! Ride

Presents! Underneath the Christmas Tree

Cookies! Covered with Royal Icing!

Mistletoe! Yes, kiss me now and don’t stop!

Rudolph! The Red-nosed Reindeer…

Blizzard! And then there was more snow!

School’s canceled! Children’s cries of glee!

Ice Skating! With mittened hands and cold cheeks!

Santa’s Lap! The perfect place to share my Christmas wish…

Black Friday! The day to stay away!

God’s Son! Absolutely, born in Bethlehem…

Melting Snow! Slush!

Lumps of coal! What I do not want for Christmas!

Nutcracker! Incredible music and a magical story!


Ho Ho Ho! Santa’s laughter!

North Pole! Santa’s home!

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